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  • By participating in the online Pilates classes delivered on behalf of the Wallace Practice by the instructors, you understand that your participation in the exercise programmes, classes or events and any related activity conducted by Wallace Practice instructors, is voluntary and at your own risk.

  • You agree that by participating, you understand that exercise can be physically stressful and, in certain instances, can even result in injury or cause death. The levels of exercise that you will perform will be at your own pace, based upon your cardio-respiratory (heart & lung) fitness, muscular strength and endurance.

  • By participating, you state that you will stop exercising immediately and inform the instructor of any symptoms (e.g. fatigue, shortness of breath, chest discomfort, any pain/discomfort/concern you’re your safety/benefit) during your participation in exercise. If you have high blood pressure, diabetes, a heart condition, an existing injury, recent surgery or if you are taking any prescribed medications that could affect your performance, that you will inform the instructor 1 day prior to participating in any exercise.

  • By participating you understand that you will be following instructions on how to perform an exercise and use equipment and you will ask the instructor any questions if you do not understand.

  • By participating in your usual classes, you have been screened for any medical or physical reason which would preclude you from participating. If you have not been screened and completed the General Health Questionnaire you should contact the Practice to arrange a telephone consultation prior to participating in these online classes.

  • You agree that, by participating, Wallace Practice Ltd and it’s instructors, will not be liable for any injuries or damage arising out of participation.

  • I acknowledge that I have read this document in its entirety and understand the above. I have had the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers


Live Links - click to join the live stream

note: if this is your first time joining our live classes, you will have to download the zoom app for your device. By clicking the link to join the class, your computer or device will be prompted to install the appropriate application.

For tablet or smart phone users, alternatively you can download the Zoom Cloud Meetings application from your app store.

Monday 5pm (intermediate with Helen Strachan):  https://zoom.us/j/247401631

Monday 6pm (intermediate with Helen Strachan): https://zoom.us/j/389566099

Monday 7pm (intermediate with Jeff Wallace): https://zoom.us/j/862120888

Monday 8pm (advanced with Jeff Wallace): https://zoom.us/j/289036277

Tuesday 7.15am (runner/cyclist with Mairi Wilson): https://zoom.us/j/660621960

Tuesday 9.30am(advanced with Morag Buttle): https://zoom.us/j/184842151

Tuesday 10am(intermediate with Mairi Wilson): https://zoom.us/j/444544986

Tuesday 10.30am(intermediate with Morag Buttle): https://zoom.us/j/649133565

Tuesday 11am (intermediate with Mairi Wilson): https://zoom.us/j/332850029

Tuesday 11.30am (inter/adv with Jonathan Krebs): https://zoom.us/j/810154103

Tuesday 12pm (beg/int with Mairi Wilson): https://zoom.us/j/502816165

Tuesday 12.30pm (beginning with Jonathan Krebs): https://zoom.us/j/409800913

Tuesday 5pm (intermediate with Helen Strachan): https://zoom.us/j/365080047

Tuesday 6pm (intermediate with Helen Strachan): https://zoom.us/j/471053752

Tuesday 7pm (intermediate with Jonathan Krebs): https://zoom.us/j/942906440

Tuesday 8pm (beginning with Jonathan Krebs): https://zoom.us/j/250398217

Wednesday 5pm (int/adv with Mairi Wilson): https://zoom.us/j/566582706

Wednesday 6pm (beginning with Mairi Wilson): https://zoom.us/j/559053182

Wednesday 7pm (intermeidate with Morag Buttle): https://zoom.us/j/532573189

Wednesday 8pm (advanced with Morag Buttle): https://zoom.us/j/969488809

Thursday 7.15am (runners/cyclists with Morag Buttle): https://zoom.us/j/272841566

Thursday 9.30am (intermediate with Helen Strachan): https://zoom.us/j/245859841

Thursday 10am (beginning with Jonathan Krebs): https://zoom.us/j/703112641

Thursday 10.30am (advanced with Helen Strachan): https://zoom.us/j/173374231

Thursday 5pm (beginning with Leanne Jamieson): https://zoom.us/j/840835762

Thursday 6pm (advanced with Leanne Jamieson): https://zoom.us/j/259869580

Thursday 7pm (beginning with Leanne Jamieson): https://zoom.us/j/334608482

Thursday 7pm (beginning with Annelle Harris): https://zoom.us/j/826802785

Thursday 8pm (intermediate with Annelle Harris): https://zoom.us/j/598133387

Friday 12.30pm (beginning with Leanne Jamieson): https://zoom.us/j/452901836

Below are pre-recorded videos of classes to do at any time if you are unable to join our live stream:

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