We hope you have enjoyed and benefited from your current Pilates Class
and will continue with the next set of classes.


  • Start date for the next block is the week beginning 20 April  2020 for 11 weeks.

  • The last class will be the week beginning 29 June 2020.

  • Your course will be an 11 week block at a cost of £110 or £99 if paid before 3 April 2020

  • If you are already paying by standing order you will automatically be enrolled in the next block.


Please complete the form below to let us know whether you will or will not be returning to your Pilates class. If continuing, please select your desired method of payment and total amount. Please ensure you press send at the bottom of this form whichever way you choose to pay.

Standing Order Option

(renewing participants only, bank details available from the practice)

  • The standing order needs to be set up by you and be paid monthly on the first of the month

  • at a new discounted rate of £8.50 per class

  • monthly payments throughout the year of £24.08

  • this amounts to 2 complimentary classes per block

  • Should you wish to cancel your subscription this may be done at any time with a months’ notice.  Please notify us by email.


Any questions regarding this please don't hesitate to contact us.

Pilates Renewal Form
(renewing participants only)
Select An Option
Payment Method

Start date for this block will be the week beginning: 20 APRIL 2020



For Payments made on/after 3 April:  £110

For payments made before 3 April:     £99

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