Physiotherapy offers effective treatment and management for a variety of problems that are unique to women’s health.


These problems can include urinary incontinence (urge and stress) and pelvic organ prolapse. We offer acupuncture to aid menopausal women in symptom management and for certain pregnancy related problems. For ante natal and postnatal women, we offer treatment for sacroiliac joint or pubic symphysis dysfunction, diastasis recti (separated stomach muscles), pelvic girdle pain as well as exercises and advice for a graded return to sport. 

Physiotherapists are uniquely skilled to use a variety of techniques to address these problems. At Wallace Practice, our women’s health practitioner Hazel Groves, is specially trained in assessing and treating these problems in a way that is discreet, sensitive and tailored to women’s needs. Utilizing manual therapy, acupuncture and techniques to correct muscle imbalance, Hazel will aid you in achieving self-management and muscular stability.