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T`ai Chi Ch`uan

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On Taijiquan (T'ai Chi Ch'uan)

Taijiquan is an ancient Chinese exercise for both body and mind, focusing on posture, alignment and breathing. ‘Meditation in Motion’ is a routine for health cultivation; practiced regularly can help to reduce stress and improve physical well-being. 

As taught to us by our Master Chen Lisheng, Wudang Eight Powers Taijiquan (9-step form) is a dynamic set of exercises incorporating the Eight Energies of Taiji philosophy.

Each class will begin with gentle stretching, breathing exercises, standing postures (meditation), movement, Jibengong (basic skills) and then begin to look at the Taijiquan form in detail.

Harvard Medical School - The health benefits of Tai Chi.

Click Here to meet the instructor, Matthew Knight

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