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Walking Aid



Our Strength and Balance for Perfect Posture class is run and co-ordinated by Grampian Cardiac Rehab Association (GCRA). This class is suited for those who may have noticed a change in their balance or posture, or who are looking to prevent these age-related declines. The class is tailored to all levels and is led by a qualified instructor to ensure your safety and appropriate progression through the class.

The class will involve some balance, co-ordination and strengthening exercises to improve your posture and stability and get you feeling more confident on your feet. 

The class runs on a Thursday afternoon from 1.30-2.30pm at the practice.

To Note:

  • Your first class is free! Additional sessions are £4.

  • Exercise at GCRA is not competitive! Our instructors will ensure that your exercise is safe, suitably paced and tailored to your abilities.

  • If you are not sure what to wear, loose clothing is ideal.

For more information about the class or how to register, please contact the practice directly on 01224 316488.

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