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What is neurological physiotherapy?
Neurological physiotherapy is rehabilitation that is aimed at maximising the function, independence and lifestyle of those patients with neurological conditions.

We have Senior Chartered Physiotherapists who are Bobath trained and use hands on skills and an in depth knowledge of normal movement patterns to improve walking, balance and arm/hand function.


How can we help?
Almost everything we do depends on our ability to move.  Much of the enjoyment and satisfaction we get from our lives is derived from activities which require some amount of movement.  Having movement problems not only mars this, but can also mean that we lose some of our independence and thus have to rely more on others.

Our treatment is designed to help with movement difficulties, such as loss of confidence in walking, always using a hands on approach. With our specialist treatment we aim to restore confidence, make movement easier and maximise independence.

Treatment programmes will be augmented by exercises that are tailored to meet your individual needs and requirements, along with appropriate activities to practice at home whenever possible.


Personalised, hands on treatment
Neuro physiotherapy involves creating an individualised treatment programme following an initial assessment. This may include the following treatments for people affected by stroke, parkinsons, MS, CP, spinal cord injury and other neurological problems:

  • manage tight muscles
    Muscles become tight and shortened as a result of spasticity or movement dysfunction. Managing this by stretching or facilitating individual muscles, symptoms can be alleviated and secondary complications reduced.

  • exercise programmes
    Programmes can be tailored to your needs whether it is to build up stamina and fitness or to stretch and strengthen individual muscles.

  • pain management
    A variety of techniques can be used to reduce pain, such as joint mobilisation, postural management and positioning advice. Acupuncture is also available


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